Crisis pictures blog is created to show the adversity that comes with crises, the pain and struggles of various people around the world. The mission of the blog is to show actual effects of crises on real people, the severity of situation occurring and to inform the readers through short summary with pictures. It is divided into three main categories, which consist of economic crises, environmental crises and international crises. You can find more information about every topic published here on the Crisis Watch website, our respected partners. All the pictures are published for educational and informational purposes only. I hope you will enjoy using this historical library.


Under the nickname Mr.B is Bojan Baretic, MA in Economics from Croatia. My main passions are macroeconomics and business finances, as well as history and ecology. Since crises contain valuable lessons about life in general, this blog is sort of contemplating ground for me. Ecological problems are unavoidable in modern world so I firmly believe they deserve a separate category. It is vital to raise the social awareness of the problems that cause crises in order to avoid them in the future.