Rwanda genocide - part II

Thousands of Tutsis and moderate Hutu tried to escape the massacre by hiding in churches, hospitals, schools, and government offices. These places that have been places of refuge during the majority of conflicts, suddenly turned into places of mass murder. During the Rwanda genocide in an effort to further degrade the victims, Tutsi were not allowed to bury the dead. Rwandan Patriotic Front finally gained the upper hand in the conflict and seized power in the country. President Kagame took office and brought stability to the deeply wounded nation. The international community provided the new government with unprecedented levels of aid. Few years after the genocide, President Kagame received high-profile commendation for the way he unified Rwanda and masterminded economic recovery. The atrocities of the Rwanda genocide remain a constant reminder in history of the other side of human nature. Read more on the genocide here. You can also watch a documentary on the horrible event.

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